OSS Internet Speed Booster

OSS Internet Speed Booster 3.0

Boost and optimize the speed of your internet connection with this set of tools
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This program helps to solve two internet problems: Undesirable disconnections and slow connection performance. It has three utilities: Internet speed booster, network pinger and Ram booster. Description: Internet speed booster improves the speed of the internet connection optimizing the way of sending and receiving files by selecting the type of connection (modem, cable modem, DSL, or LAN connection), configuring the Maximum Transmission Unit and the Maximum Segment Size in real time, configuring RWIN (maximum TCP Receive Window size offered by the system), the value of TTL (time to live packets), setting the keep alive time, and protecting the system from being targeted in order to maximize the efficiency of your current hardware. Network pinger controls your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection with ping intervals; you can select a host to ping, and play sound at ping. Ram booster helps to set free physical RAM memory. You can select the level of RAM to alarm, Ram to try and free when reached selected level, interval of time you wish to monitor. It is available for Microsoft Windows 9X / ME / NT / 2000 / XP and Vista.

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  • Prevents your Internet connection from being disconnected and helps your applications run faster releasing Ram memory


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